There's a magical world of activities waiting for you in Skyros, from diving, hiking, sailing and birdwatching to cooking, pottery-making and woodcarving.

Feel in Greece is the ideal partner to help you discover the best of this island!

Skyros has escaped the threat of mass tourism and has maintained its original charm, including traditional architecture, authentic cuisine and age-old traditions such as embroidery, ceramics & woodwork

Chrysanthi Zygogianni and her team, all locals from the island, take pride in showing you the best of Skyros. The combine nature with culture and tradition in perfect ways and with an eco-friendly twist, bringing out the best of the island which boasts many 'Special Protection Areas' under Greek law. Parts of the island also belong to Natura 2000, the European Union's network to preserve nature and biodiversity. In this spirit, some of the activities that Feel in Greece offers include:

Diving in Skyros

Explore the underwater blue of the island.

Beginners or licensed divers, our professional associates will lead you to the well hidden deep blue of Skyros. 

Birdwatching in Skyros

From late April to October, head to the cliffs and small uninhabited islands to discover spot Eleonora's Falcons, as the island boasts the largest colony of these birds worldwide. You can also spot protected seabirds as Cory's Shearwater and Mediterranean Shag. On the island's wetlands you may spot Marsh Harriers, Herons, Ibises, Red footed falcons and Egrets among other migratory birds.

Cooking lessons in Skyros

This island is proud of its local dishes that use fresh ingredients and aromatic herbs. Learn more about Mediterranean cuisine and prepares sumptuous menu with the support of a local chef. Visit a cheese-making workshop, join the wine harvest in September and prepare some delicious meals.

Making pottery in Skyros

Discover the world of pottery-making and craft your own objects using an authentic pottery wheel. Learn about different pottery techniques and the exceptional ceramic art of Skyros which is more decorative than in other parts of Greece.

Woodcarving in Skyros

You'll fall in love with the miniature furniture that's almost from a mythical doll house in this island with many small houses. Stools, armchairs, human figurines and unique decorative items are all part of the Skyrian masters' handiwork, complete with complex shapes and designs. Learn this dying art that is still going strong in Skyros!

Yoga, therapies and more

If you practice Yoga and you wish to continue during your holidays or you want to take Yoga for the first time, this is a good opportunity. Our associates experts in yoga, thai massage and internal treatments that live on the island will introduce you to the serenity of the blue sea. 

Embroidery in Skyros

For ages the local ladies were embroidering clothes, costumes, curtains and textiles using traditional looms and designs. This is your chance to learn a unique art on an authentic Mediterranean Greek island.

Cooking lessons...