SKYROS island...

SKYROS is a dream

Skyros is the southern & the largest island of the Sporades islands, an archipelago in the Aegean Sea. As the south part of the island is bare and rocky, the north of Skyros is covered by a pure pine forest.

Feel Skyros island and the narrow white paths of Chora, touch the Summertime Skyros colors with the beautiful sandy beaches & the turquoise blue waters. Hike inside the evergreen hills of the Natura part of the island & learn about the Uniqueness of the Skyrian horses.

Feel this cosmopolitan Aegean island.

Explore & discover Skyros.  


Traditional architecture, narrow winding paths, small white houses, galleries, churches, wonderful sunsets, crystal clear waters and an unspoiled wild beauty...

Skyros is truly magical.

More Summer !

Explore & discover Skyros


                                                                                             Feel the island life of SKYROS...